Hagerstown House: Architectural Details, pt.1

Hagerstown House: Architectural Details, pt.1

Work on the Hagerstown House is coming along nicely and I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts on the cool architectural details that help make this old home so amazing.

Most older homes have elements that are original to the house that you can’t find in a newer homes. Some are really neat and some are just plain bizarre. But that’s what attracts me to old houses and this one has plenty!

In this post, I’m focusing on electrical hardware. I will admit I didn’t notice any of these until after I bought the house and was working on it. They aren’t always noticeable right away but when I point them out to visitors, they’re met with curiosity and questions!

The first one is right in the front doorway. I actually have the original doorbell to the house, and yes, it still works!

The “bell” is actually a buzzer and you can only hear it on the main floor. It’s buzzer is located in the basement so there is no way I can here it upstairs in my bedroom!

Since it is inside the door jamb, no one has actually used it yet, since they don’t notice it. However, it is a favorite “toy” for my niece, Clara!

On my back door jamb is the light switch for my porch light.

This is style of switch allows you to turn the light on and off by turning the knob to the right. It’s been painted over a few times, so I’ll probably just touch it up with some white paint to even it out.

This next outlet was quite the conversation piece for a few weeks while we tried to figure out what it was.

You can lift the little metal door in the middle.

I finally found out that you twist an outlet into it that has an end like a lightbulb. I’m sure there is a lengthy explanation for it out there somewhere, but all I could find was basic information. I have not tried to use it since I have a healthy fear of burning my house down!

Finally, I have a couple of floor outlets that are no longer in use.

There is nothing underneath the flap since these were originally knob and tube outlets that were removed.

After a good cleaning, they will stay as a reminder of the original wiring.

Wether they are still operational or not, I love these little pieces of history in my house. They add so much character even if they are not noticeable right away!

I’ll be doing a small series on various architectural elements in the Hagerstown House from time to time, so check back regularly for the next installment.

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